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If you purchased a card through the Del Oro, Antelope, Granite Bay, or Ponderosa High School fundraisers, go here and open an account to enjoy your additional savings today

Reasons to fundraise with Victory Fundraising:

1. EXPERIENCED: Over 14 years of experience in the San Diego fundraising market (mostly high schools). Victory reps help run the fundraiser from start to finish and we use our expertise to maximize your sales.

2. NO MONEY DOWN and you only pay for what you sell.

3. NO MINIMUM SALES. All we ask is that you let us help you with the fundraiser. We have a proven sales process that works.

4. GOOD PRODUCTS: We meet with your Fundraising Coordinators and assess the needs of the group. Then together we come up with a product that helps the group have the most success. We have many products to select from but our top products include: Discount Products, Cookie Dough, and the new FR Mall.

5. SUCCESS -We are not as concerned with what you buy from us as how much you sell. Our goal is to coach your team to create fundraising success.

For more information contact:

Jimmy or Jon (High School Organizations)

Gregg (Elementary, Middle School, Youth Sports, and non-profits)

Even though they have been done for years and we have many other ways of fundraising, the top producers of results are these fundraisers:

mccookies Cookie Dough

Our Cookie Dough from Mills Creek Bakery produces delicious cookies and produces good results when selling as a fundraiser. For many years the top fundraiser.

vf_dchybrid Discount Cards

Discount cards are created for an organization with us getting local businesses to provide offers for a year that can be on a discount card or tear-off coupons. Most people buy the cards just as a reason to support the group. Still works well for fundraising.

Other up-and-coming fundraisers include Popcorn and Daily Deals. Contact us for more information.

Talk to us!

Jimmy for High School Sports or Youth organizations

Gregg for High School Music, or Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, Youth Groups or non-profits




  • Gourmet Popcorn
    Pop funds into your group's funds. Gourmet Popcorn
  • Oh Fudge!
    Great Tasting, Sells easily but does stick in the tummy in a nice way. Oh Fudge!
  • Discount Cards
    #2 Top Fundraiser - We get local merchants to help support you with discounts on cards you sell. Discount Cards
  • Cookie Dough
    #1 Top Fundraiser year after year. It's that good! Cookie Dough
  • Gourmet Coffee
    Caffeine for your Funds Gourmet Coffee
  • Catalog
    Lots of choices for sales! Catalog

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